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Munay-ki Movement Therapy
Injury Healing 
Pain Reduction

It is important for you to know that you are more powerful and profound than you will ever imagine!  Working with me will help you to remember your true self and get you back on track to accomplishing your dreams!
May God’s light always work through you and as you, for all your days on earth.
Blessings to you and yours,

Pain Management 
Holly specializes in chronic pain and chronic health issues!!​   
     One of our main priorities at Harvest Hands Healing is addressing pain physically, emotionally and mentally. 
This is the essence of holistic care. 
Most clients see results in the first session, however,  it is recommended that clients with extensive issues allow for at least 3 sessions.  Harvest Hands Healing  does not offer a traditional massage, nor are practitioners Massage Therapists.  True healing involves the incorporation of a variety of modalities that also address mental and emotional issues which are unique to each individual.  If we are frusterated with our bodies and not listening to the bodies need to rest and recover, we set ourselves up for injury.  Studies show that holistic care is often the missing piece in delayed healing. The general introductary session includes an energy clearing of chakras to ensure that your needs are met in a holistic manner.


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